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The best sports rehab in port orange!

There is more to chiropractic treatment than just your typical adjustment. Dr. Chris's advanced treatment involves analysis and correction of proper muscle functioning. 


More than JUST an adjustment...

Dr. Christopher’s approach to treatment of the musculoskeletal system involves analysis of proper muscle functioning. This is achieved through specific muscle testing in order to determine whether the muscle’s functional reflex is working properly or not. A muscle’s dysfunctional reflex inhibits its ability to contract properly and leads to an inability to adapt to various movements. In other words, the muscle has a “weakness” from the dysfunctional reflex. Your body is then forced to compensate for this “weakness”, adding increased stress on “strong” muscles, tendons and ligaments. These dysfunctional muscles leave you vulnerable to injury and inhibit your optimal performance while you play sports, work, or perform daily activities. You might be wondering, “If I have “weak” inhibited muscles, then can’t I just work out to make them stronger and avoid injury that way?” If this were true, then professional athletes would never suffer from injury other than from direct trauma.


Dr. Christopher uses various techniques to correct muscular dysfunction in order to restore balance to your body’s biomechanics. Proper muscle function greatly improves performance as well as injury prevention. These corrections also greatly accelerate injury recovery time by removing the muscular imbalance that initially caused the injury.

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