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Dr. Christopher Melchizedek 


What is the Handpan?

The Handpan is what we consider to be a "hidden gem" in the musical world. The Handpan produces a beautiful melody that encourages relaxation and peace of mind, making it a great instrument to use for meditations! Whether you've been meditating, or you're just getting started, a Handpan meditation is one like no-other. We encourage you to join one of our meditation classes to experience the benefits of this beautiful instrument!

Dr. Christopher's 

Musical Journey

Since he was a boy, music has always been a big part of Christopher's life. After years of playing the saxophone, he found himself searching for something more. That is when he discovered the Handpan, and has been playing ever since.


The Handpan has given Christopher the opportunity to bring his love for music and his passion for healing others together.  We hope to see you in a future class! 

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