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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you to improve your health. This literature will help you understand what we are doing and what to expect during your care.


Understanding the Changes

The human body is truly divinely and wonderfully made. Even though there are many similarities between individuals, we have found a great variety of responses to our nutritional care program.Some patients see results within hours, others progress slowly and still others get worse before they get better.We cannot predict how you will respond; therefore, be patient, remember you did not get sick in a day...PLEASE KEEP US APPRISED OF YOUR CONDITION.


Once care has begun, in some cases of yeast/fungal dysbiosis, there is a “die-off” reaction as organisms begin to die and be eliminated from the body. This may cause you to feel foggy, tired, or irritable or cause headaches.Also, bowel changes may occur and/or your skin may breakout. With our work this is rare but can occur.


There may be symptoms as you eliminate foods from your diet. Oftentimes if we take you off caffeine or other substances there can be withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, and rarely vomiting. Not only do we ingest harmful substances such as alcohol and nicotine but the organisms present in you body can also produce harmful chemicals such as alcohols, benzene, and aldehydes. In one case, a patient’s blood alcohol was 0.2 (drunkenness in most states is 0.1) without having had anything to drink. The yeast/fungi in his system, just like in a brewery, was making alcohol. Therefore, as the yeast/fungi and other microbes die there are varied changes in a person’s mental and physical state. The phenomena of layering is something we observe occasionally with patients on this program. Like peeling the layers off an onion we sometimes find that we must resolve one problem before another can be addressed.Therefore, the supplements you take may change and how you feel may change. One layer may be dealt with easily while a subsequent layer may be very challenging. There can be changes in your emotions as well, don’t be surprised by unexpected ups and downs.



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