Finally! A healthy restaurant in Grand Blanc, MI! (offering gluten-free and vegan options!)

I make frequent visits to Michigan to visit family and friends. One thing I have noticed during these trips is the lack of healthy food available, in comparison to my life in Florida. I always have a hard time eating healthy while I’m in Michigan when it comes to dining out. So, this time, I was on a mission: a mission to find GOOD, HEALTHY FOOD! With a lot of research (and trial and error), I finally found an amazing place, and it is located right in the heart of beautiful Grand Blanc!

When I was researching healthy dining out options, I came across a place called “The Crafted Root Eatery”. The reviews all suggested their vegan, organic and gluten-free items, but when I looked at the menu, I only saw one possible option. I was skeptical, and hesitant on going. However, with the great reviews, I decided to give it a chance. So, I packed up my things and headed to Grand Blanc.

The restaurant was a cute “mom n pop” café. I walked in and was sat almost immediately. The waitress came over and took my drink order and gave us menus. I dove right into the menu, trying to find these “raved about” vegan options that were on the online reviews. I saw many, many items I could easily turn vegan, and they offered gluten-free bread. JACKPOT! I thought to myself.

Now to brace myself to tell the waitress of my dietary restrictions. I don’t know about you guys, but when I go to restaurants that weren’t dedicated “vegan” or “gluten-free”, the servers always seem annoyed to have to accommodate to my diet. And who wants to dine out with that kind of service? I sure don’t. So, I took my shot. I asked the waitress what she recommended for me to eat, explaining to her I ate a diet that was mainly plant-based and gluten-free. Her eyes lit up with excitement. She started explaining the menu to me, telling me their best items and how she could make them gluten-free and vegan for me. She was actually excited to take my order and help me find food that I could eat! What a great surprise!

She explained to me that everything on their menu is organic, from local businesses and fair trade! They get a large variety of tea right from Ann Arbor (about an hour away from Grand Blanc).

I ended up ordering the “Veggie Sandwich” (on the right) with avocado on gluten-free bread. It was delicious!

The veggies (onions and peppers) were seasoned and sautéed perfectly. I also tried their house made black bean burger and it was delicious!

Before I left, I ordered one of their local teas. It was served with a tea set! So cute!

If you’re looking for healthy dining in the Fenton/Grand Blanc area, visit The Crafted Root Eatery!

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