What is Quantum Neurology?

Quantum Neurology is a type of therapy that involves rehabilitation of the nervous system. Typically, traditional Chiropractic targets the motor functioning of the peripheral nervous system. Quantum Neurology takes treatment a step further by targeting both the motor and sensory neurons. This is remarkably beneficial because the sensory neurons comprised of roughly 80% of the peripheral nervous system. 


This technique can be used on anyone regardless of age or fitness level. The same techniques that are used with elite athletes to help maximize their performance are also used for restoring function lost after an injury. QN has had much success with recovering function in patients who have suffered from accidents, strokes, brain and spinal cord injuries. QN has also helped patients with dyslexia, learning disabilities, Autism and ADD. QN does not claim to treat these conditions directly, but it does target the strengthening of the nervous system which in turn can dramatically improve conditions an individual may be suffering from. 


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